Brockhouse Isn't Fit to Be Our Mayor

Bought and Paid for by Public Safety Unions

Police and fire unions bankrolled Greg Brockhouse's life before he became a councilman, putting over 500K in his pocket so he would be in theirs.1 Now they are bankrolling his campaign so they can control City Hall. The head of the fire union was caught on tape saying the union wanted to put "our guy" Greg Brockhouse in the mayor's office to score a lucrative contract.2 We deserve a mayor who will work for ALL San Antonians, not someone who can be bought and sold.

The Brockhouse Plan Means Slashing Vital Basic Services

If Brockhouse and these two unions get their way, we will have to cut over $200 million from the city budgets. That means slashing city services like drainage, streets and sidewalks, parks and libraries, and public safety. And it means higher taxes and more debt to fund the lavish public safety union contracts.3

Brockhouse Opposes San Antonio's Progress

If elected, Brockhouse will do away with many vital programs:

  • Opposes Pre-K 4 SA,4 Alamo Promise and the UTSA downtown expansion, all of which put higher education in reach of students in underserved communities.
  • Opposes equity budgeting,5 which ensures all areas, even those that have been long ignored, receive a fair share of city dollars for basic services.6
  • Opposes efforts to clean up our air and protect our environment like our tree ordinance and the CAAP plan.
  • Opposes the ConnectSA plan that would improve transit and ease traffic congestion.7
  • Opposes the affordable housing plan that keeps people in their homes and prevents the kind of housing crisis seen in San Francisco or New York.8

Multiple 911 Calls for Domestic Violence

SAPD was dispatched to the home of Greg Brockhouse multiple times on domestic abuse calls. In one call, police reports say Brockhouse's current wife said he grabbed her, threw her on the ground and tried to hit her until his children begged him to stop. In a previous call, Brockhouse's former wife reported that he threatened her with a golf club and shoved her into a wall.9 The report for the incident with his current wife has mysteriously disappeared from police records,10 and he threatened to leave a mayoral debate if moderators asked him about these allegations.11 What is he hiding?

Repeated Failure to Pay Child Support

The Texas attorney general has filed multiple liens against Brockhouse for failing to pay child support. Currently, his child support payments are taken directly from his city council salary.12 Brockhouse doesn’t share our values.

Vote NO on Brockhouse
Vote Early: May 28–June 4
Election Day: June 8

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